Refrigeration engineering

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Refrigeration engineering covers the design and maintenance of refrigeration systems. On certain ships, there are specific engineers dedicated to the maintenance of refrigeration systems, often referred to as reefer engineers.

Refrigeration systems

There are many different types of refrigeration systems on board ships. The design of these systems varies with the type of vessel.

Cruise ships

Cruise ships tend to have a large capacity for refrigeration. This is due to Air conditioning being used in almost all areas of the ship, in addition to refrigeration being used to preserve large quantities of food. It is therefore usual to have specialised refrigeration engineers maintaining these systems.

LNG carriers

LNG carriers carry their cargo as a liquefied gas. To keep the pressure of the cargo within reasonable limits, refrigeration and insulation of the tanks is required (see Ideal gas laws). LNG is typically stored at around -160°C [1].

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