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To locate land that is in foreclosure, you can contact your county clerk's office and obtain info on any pending foreclosure sale. You could contact neighborhood banks and determine if they will have any bank owned land they want to offer.

Plus a good source for finding land prior to it being detailed by way of a Realtor, is home in probate.

To get property in probate, you are able to talk to solicitors who cope with probate and who are presently working to settle the estates of various people. Or perhaps you can track down probate cases your self. You merely get a neighborhood county magazine that has the appropriate notices inside it and find the probate cases and acquire some case figures and names.

Then go directly to the online or to the county probate court and get home elevators the probate situations you have discovered. At the tax appraiser's office, it is possible to figure out what property they owned and undoubtedly, you are interested in land. You'll want to determine who the Executor of the Estate or the private Representative is and contact them about acquiring land that could be in the estate.

You need to try to find a parcel of land that the executor for the estate lives out of city. They need to care for a complete large amount of problems and additionally they are anxious to get rid of a problem, i.e., a piece of land, extremely badly, particularly if they're away from city.
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Natural Hazards

You ought to contact the authority in your community and acquire a hazard disclosure that is natural. The disclosure shall tell in the event that land is great for building. As principle you need to stay away from a land that is prone to natural hazards.

When determining the hazards that are natural the location you should also discover the elevation of the land. In the event that land is situated near a mountain you need to figure out the likelihood of the land moving. Remember that the slab of your property can crack if the easily land is unstable.

In the event that land is good, but near water systems you should think about constructing your building utilizing a raised foundation. Its also wise to provide you with flooding insurance coverage.


You need to have utilities in your home for you to live a comfortable life. One of the more essential resources you should have is water. Keep in mind that you can't dig wells in some areas. Become in the side that is safe should figure out the level of the water table and discover just how hard it is to dig a well.