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WEGEMT is a European Association of 40 Universities in 17 countries. It was formed in 1978 with the aim of increasing the knowledge base, and updating and extending the skills and competence of practicing engineers and postgraduate students working at an advanced level in marine technology and related sciences.

It was established as a “stichting” under Dutch law with its registered office in Delft. At present, the Associates are drawn from universities in Europe, including Scandinavia, the former Eastern Europe and the CIS. They have in common, a capability, expertise and experience to teach and carry out research in marine technology and related sciences.

Status, Structure and Management

WEGEMT is a not for profit organisation which is contribution based. Each University Associate is invited to make a contribution once a year. In addition to this, the organisation is supported by miscellaneous sales of publications and by work under contracts. Any contracts must however, further the aim of the Association. The Association is governed by an Executive Committee made up of fourteen elected representatives from within the Associates. Representatives are permitted to have a seat on the Executive Committee for a period of three years. They are re-electable once, for a period of a further three years. No individual university is permitted to be represented on the Executive Committee for a period of more than six years consecutively. The Executive Committee governs the organisation by setting policy and identifying priorities, usually looking 3 – 5 years in advance. They have the power to establish ad-hoc Working Groups to look at special areas of interest and to invite further representation from within the Associates. Day to day running of WEGEMT activities is carried out through its Secretariat which is based at 10 Upper Belgrave Street London at the offices of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

The Associates have at least one general assembly each year, usually hosted by one of the Universities. The Secretariat’s role is key to the organisation, providing information to the Associates about WEGEMT activities, and encouraging and supporting their involvement in new initiatives. the Secretariat also undertakes the management of many of WEGEMT’s activities, it supports the Executive Committee and acts as a first port of call for customers.

WEGEMT openly collaborates with organisations outside its Association. It is keen to work with industry, professional bodies, classification societies, and other organisations and societies who are involved with marine technology. In a similar vein, WEGEMT is particularly keen to support and encourage the programmes of Research and Development (R&D), Education and Training (E&T), and Information Exchange and Dissemination, of the European Commission where they target marine technology.