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Maritime Wiki is aiming to be the go to hub for all things maritime. We hope to achieve this through the passionate contributions of fellow maritime students, professionals and academics, while also welcoming contributions from outside the maritime sector. This Wiki is in very early development, so it is expected to be of little use currently. In time, the dream is to be of use to as many people, in as broad a context as possible. Students can use this to share their knowledge gained through assignments, lectures and sea time. Professionals can share their knowledge gained through years of sea-going experience, and progression through qualifications. Academics can share knowledge gained as a result of a scholarly exploration of the field, while contributions from other fields may provide fresh insight into certain areas. With the combination of these varied, and often overlapping, backgrounds, we believe in the near future many educational opportunities will arise. The success of this Wiki will heavily rely on the community built around and within it, which we hope will be filled with good will and an eagerness for continuous improvement.

For further information, refer to the about page.

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